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Handy winter warmer

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but, now that the cooler weather has arrived (at least here in Melbourne) it is timely to post about ways of harnessing the free energy available from the sun to supplement your home heating requirements.

The following article is from Mother Earth News – a great resource. Please note that they talk about attaching this to south-facing windows – the article is Northern Hemisphere specific, in Australia (and other Southern Hemisphere locations) substitute north-facing instead.  🙂

While from 1977 this will work just as well in the 21st century! Costs will still be low. Please make sure you seal the heat grabber as much as possible to avoid draughts.

(Were you aware that, if you added up all the draughts in the average Australian home, you would have the equivalent of a one square metre hole in your wall! If you had a 1 m2 hole in your wall, would you fill it?)

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