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Ride The Talk

At 52 years of age, John went back to school in 2008 to study Renewable Energy for which he received an award.
Two years on he is working for the Alternative Technology Association when he realises that he needs to be more active in the fight against Climate Change.
A cycle commuter for over 30 years, he’s getting on his bike and giving talks to provide practical tips to help save energy & money.

Are you concerned about Climate Change?

….perhaps you’re confused about the science

….maybe you’re already having to deal with the effects

Are you tired of getting huge power & gas bills?

….and charges are only expected to get bigger!

Do you want to learn how to take control of your energy use?

….avoid wasting your money

….and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time

….but don’t know where to start

Come along to a presentation near you, where John will outline practical steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption, thereby saving you money AND helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

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