video resources that may help

My introductory video – Ride the Talk

How it all ends – perhaps where I really got involved

Climate Science, Circa 1956 (Video)

Hulbert Street in Fremantle – an example for us all

Amory Lovins – we must win the oil endgame

The Story of Stuff

Climate Change – the scientific debate
(part 1 of 9 – all of which are worth watching)

Juan Enriquez wants to grow energy

Amory Lovins on building efficiency

David Keith: A surprising idea for “solving” climate change

YouTube video – debating climate change

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More information can be found at
For details of my schedule please refer to
A generic media brochure in Word format can be downloaded from my website at:
I have been afforded PR assistance by Edelman ( through the Bendigo Bank’s PlanBig initiative ( and, if you contact them, they are able to provide lots of assistance with promotion of the event.
At Edelman, please contact Eunice Seow on 03 9863 7624 or via e-mail
Thanks for considering this opportunity to help your community take a stand on Climate Change.

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