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The Manpollo Project

This is where it really all started to make sense for me – thanks Greg, for opening my eyes wide. The Manpollo Project.

To get involved, join our forums and subscribe to Wonderingmind42’s youtube feed. Thanks for visiting. If you like this site, help spread the word:

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Heads up:

Sadly, something happened to the manpollo website some months ago; all the forums disappeared.

I just visited it again today, and the domain name has been grabbed by a Norwegian blogger whose name (Bård) I’ve seen recently on a climate change thread. (Can’t remember if he was arguing for or against, but the fact that he’s chosen to hijack this name suggests ‘against’.

So, probably best to remove the link, or perhaps replace it with (sad to see a mere 23000 views on that clip).

Here’s hoping you (and Greg too, come to that!) are well!

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