info and help with cutting your energy bills & greenhouse emissions


Guide to Reducing Your Energy Use and Saving Money – ATA

Get Energy-smart Now – Steps you can take to take control of YOUR energy use

Be the difference that makes a difference.

25% emissions cut at $4 a week ‘possible’ – from The Age

Greener travel: a quick guide

GreenFleet – find out how to AVOID, REDUCE and OFFSET greenhouse gas emissions

C3 – tax deductible carbon offsets & GreenPower

Make your own pelmets

How to Make a Door Draught Stopper

Renters Guide to Sustainability

The CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook

Check out energy ratings for all major appliances

Energy Ratings explained

Get some great tips before you buy or renovate your home

Cut your energy use and SAVE

Action at home

Carbon footprint calculator

Build a Solar Cooker

Laundry detergent and your garden

Environment Victoria

Environment Victoria


Build a Solar Cooker

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