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Only a little one this time – and it’s one where I don’t need to take a leave of absence from my family, fortunately. Please sponsor me and help the Leukaemia Foundation’s work. I’m being brave and doing the Worlds Greatest Shave!
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Energy efficiency General

Are you a fan of smarter energy use?

Now that summer is well and truly upon us it is time to talk about how to stay cool without blowing the energy budget.

Keeping the heat out in the first place is smarter than trying to cool your living spaces after the fact:

  1. Make sure your home is as draughtproof as you can make it – this will help keep you warmer in winter as well!
  2. On hot days keep the curtains closed – lighting a space takes less energy than cooling especially if you are using leading edge LED lights – if you have external blinds or awnings, use them
  3. Set your ceiling fan to summer mode and use it in preference to air conditioning – you’ll be surprised by how much difference it makes