Energy efficiency

Handy hints to cut energy use

In Winter, keep your thermostat at or below 18 degrees C

In Summer, keep your thermostat at or above 26 degrees C

The temperature range between 18 and 26 degrees C can be considered ‘comfortable’ and you should need no heating or cooling.

For every degree C above 18 in Winter and degree C below 26 in Summer, it will cost you an extra 10% on your heating/cooling costs.

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Hi John, Heard about your ride on Rhema FM station while visiting family on the Sunshine Coast. I’m from Tassie and my question is…are you planning to ride around there? If so I’ll be letting people know! God bless and keep you safe on the road.


Yes, Tasmania is very definitely on the agenda – I expect to go there either in early December (if councils believe that audiences will be interested that close to Xmas) or in 2011 (if not).
Thank you so much for your kind wishes.

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