The Real Deal


This third training is the real deal…..and then some! Talk about an absolute roller coaster ride complete with screaming and yelling. The amount of information is astounding yet the final day is yet to arrive. (It’s just before midnight here and I’m absolutely buzzing!!)

On Thursday evening I wing out of London back to my country and family…..and then the real work begins. On Wednesday 23rd June I will be putting these new-found skills to work in my local community – Moonee Valley, Melbourne, Victoria. If you live anywhere nearby, come along to see what I have to say – I’m sure you will feel inspired to do what it takes to ensure this vital issue is returned to its rightful place as the moral issue of our generation – one that is taken up by the ordinary person in such a way that there will be no ignoring it.

I have an appointment with my destiny and NOTHING can stop me now.

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Hi John, hope you’re still riding the crest of the wave..can’t wait to get to one of your talks very soon 🙂

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