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An Introduction to my Vision

A bicycle odyssey and series of presentations around Australia to help people save energy, money & reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Introduction to my vision – Ride the Talk:


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Hi John,
Congrats on your odyssey. With the victories of the denialists in the media these days, we need some good news.

BTW there’s an audio “typo”. It sounds like you say “help produce greenhouse gases” rather than the “help reduce” I assume you meant…

Nick Palmer

Hi John, I met you at the BZE presentation on Wednesday. I really support what you are doing and look forward to following your adventures. However, I would like to sign a petition that calls for zero emissions by 2020. Good luck!

Thanks Katerina,
I, too, would love to see zero emissions by 2020 and I believe we need to strive for the best we can achieve. My call is for at least a 50% reduction in emissions.
I’m looking for people to join my team – if you would like to assist, please get back to me.

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