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Well, today was much better – and it would need to be! Before heading off I did a media spot on local ABC radio – all good.

Since I am now starting from Uranquinty not Wagga itself, I have an extra 17km to do today which will push today’s ride over the 100km mark. 🙁

It drizzled on me into Wagga from Uranquinty and, when I got there, I found a message on my phone to call WinTV in Wagga LAST night – oh well! Being the media tart I am I called anyway and they sent out a cameraman to take some more footage of me. I think this is all very weird (not being used to the attention and all) but, if it helps me get my message out there and more people to my events then it can’t be bad.

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The ride to Albury from Yackandandah was uneventful and I arrived in time for my media appointment. I then got a call back to the park to do a piece for the Albury-Wodonga News Weekly – I’m such a tart! …..then it started raining; and boy did it rain – I got to my “warmshowers” home (a share house with 4 great people: Gemma – my host, Alex a german tourist, John her partner and Ollie – all very wonderful people who were very kind to me and good to chat with) quite wet. Had a shower and then got a call to do an interview on WinTV so back into the wet clothing and hauled everything onto the bike to make it look “authentic”. 😉

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I’m now nicely ensconced in Yackandandah with fellow ATA members (Frances and Iain & their family) – they treated me to a lovely dinner followed by cake (did I say that it was Iain’s birthday?) with some friends of theirs. The ATA network is just fantastic!

Tomorrow, I head down into Albury – I need to be there for 10:30am to do a media piece for Prime TV so I thought that moving on to Yackandandah was a good idea. The road down to Albury should be good and the weather should hold off (cross fingers).

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Now in Wangaratta – NE Victoria

I arrived in Wangaratta from Shepparton today.

Yesterday I rode from Bendigo to Shepparton and the 135 km took me 5 1/2 hours on the bike – that’s an average of 24.5km/h – I’m a machine! 😉 I went through Colbinnabin, Rushworth & Tatura; some lovely parts of central Victoria.

When cycling, you travel at a speed that allows you to appreciate the scenery.

To get to Wang, I decided (with advice from my lovely hosts from last night, Glenn & Lisanne) to ride through Dookie and over the Warby Ranges – a much more picturesque route – unfortunately, this also meant a bit of climbing with the added downside of a false summit to contend with.  🙁 At 101km, this was a shorter day, so I slowed my pace to a more comfortable average of 22.5km/h and 4:30 in the saddle. this is still a pleasing pace and my body is holding up remarkably well for an ‘old codger’. 😉

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2 under the belt

Well, I’ve presented in Ballarat and now Daylesford and my talks are actually starting to feel quite comfortable now. Some great questions from the audience in both locations and there has been some energetic to & fro that has stimulated me as well as the audience.

As I expected, this journey will be as much of an eye-opener for me as it will be for those I am trying to inspire. Hopefully, the stuff I learn along the way I can impart to others in my trek. There are people in both these locations who are an inspiration themselves. I will try to live up to their standards.

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Three days before I leave

Well, it’s now Monday and I leave on Thursday morning.

It’s hard to imagine that just over 5 months ago I got this idea that I needed to do this thing.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride with lots of soul searching, many pauses to wonder if I can actually do it and magnificent support from all and sundry.

In 3 days now I will actually be “on my bike” and riding this vision I hatched in February. Every time I think of the enormity of doing this I quail a little inside until I realise that this is something that, if I DON’T do, I would regret for the rest of my life. I don’t know how much difference I can make but it is worth trying anyway. And it has only ever been through trying that anything worthwhile has been done. Individually, our contributions to reducing our carbon footprints mean only a little but, collectively, when enough people become engaged, then it certainly makes a real difference and this makes it all worthwhile.

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Presentations in Melbourne this week and imminent departure.

It’s now less than two weeks before I leave my home and family to promote Energy Efficiency Australia-wide.

Well, it’s getting close now! I head out of Melbourne on the 29th July towards Ballarat and won’t see my family again until nearly Xmas-time. It’s really beginning to dawn on me the enormity of this undertaking but it will be all worthwhile if it helps to save energy and bring this issue into focus for people.

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Back in Australia

Hi all,

I’m back (as Arnie says 🙂 ) in Australia.

My first talk is in my local community in Moonee Valley Victoria – the media release is here: