Please visit my supporters’ sites –
they’ve made what I’m doing that much easier

Link to Essendon Web Solutions

Essendon Web Solutions

These guys have been awesome; from merely asking for advice on a logo, they’ve given me not only a custom logo but a custom branded website. You ROCK!

Link to Energy Matters Australia

Energy Matters Australia

Energy Matters is helping me realise my vision for a green energy Australia. Specialising in solar power & wind energy for your home, Energy Matters is one of Australia’s fastest growing renewable energy companies.

Link to Great Southern Railways

The Indian-Pacific

Travelling between the Indian and Pacific oceans for over 40 years, this truly is one of the world’s great train journeys!

Link to vodafone site

Helping me stay connected

Vodafone – More choice, greater offers. Say Hello to More.

Link to Ground Effect

Clothes for the cycling revolution

Thanks for the clothes, Laurence. Even your seconds are of the highest quality. Let’s try to start another revolution – a green revolution!

Link to BSC bikes

Brunswick St Cyclery

The BoB trailer will help heaps to make my trip do-able.
Link to Star Coaching

Life coaching with LIFE!

Trust your gut! If something inside you says that you are destined for a better lifestyle, that you should get more for your efforts, contact star-coaching today.

Link to Greyhound Australia

Travel Green

Join with them and travel by bus. It’s a greener way to go. With Greyhound Australia you really can travel green!

Link to Impact Digital Printing

High quality, carbon neutral digital printing

Thanks for the business cards, Tony – they came out even better than I had hoped. Your support & generosity is greatly appreciated.


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