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It’s been a while…

…but I haven’t been idle…

I’ve been involved in action in other ways. I now volunteer with Australia as a divestment campaigner (last year we got the City of Melbourne to divest!) and in 2014 I stood up in the most democratic way possible to corporate malfeasance – together with 6 other protestors, I got arrested for occupying the lobby of AGL to draw attention to the fact that:

  1. They tout their ‘sustainability’ credentials yet added more fossil fuel generation capacity than their entire renewable portfolio;
  2. They put in a submission to the RET Review calling for the RET to be abolished;
  3. They had plans (now abandoned – yay!) to drill 300 CSG wells in prime agricultural land in Gloucester, NSW.

For my trouble, I got my picture on the front page of the AFR…

At the ripe old age of 60, I guess you could call me an ‘activist’ which is why I got my first tattoo in January this year. On my wrist is the number “313<” which is the ppm concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere in the year I was born. It is now over 400!!!

313ppm CO2 in 1956
313ppm CO2 in 1956

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