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I’m now nicely ensconced in Yackandandah with fellow ATA members (Frances and Iain & their family) – they treated me to a lovely dinner followed by cake (did I say that it was Iain’s birthday?) with some friends of theirs. The ATA network is just fantastic!

Tomorrow, I head down into Albury – I need to be there for 10:30am to do a media piece for Prime TV so I thought that moving on to Yackandandah was a good idea. The road down to Albury should be good and the weather should hold off (cross fingers).

It’s been quite cold the past few days with frosty mornings but good sunshine for riding. The trip up from Wangaratta was about 53km once I had got to my digs and mainly uphill on the Rail Trail. I managed an average of 16.9km/h which I was happy with.

For the weekend, I stayed near Beechworth with a friend from the Renewable Energy course I did in 2008. Yesterday, I went out with some roadies (the Beechworth Bacchanalians) for a bit of a blast unencumbered by BoB (my Beast of Burden trailer) and only one partially full pannier. I held my own but suffered from a bit of a nasty speed wobble on the way down from Stanley. I was out for 2:11 hrs and I did a total of 50.8km at an average of 23.1km/h with a maximum of 60.4km/h. Once back at Fraser & Meg’s place I attended to my headset which was the source of the problem with the wobbles. All good now and feeling a lot more stable.

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