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Presentations in Melbourne this week and imminent departure.

It’s now less than two weeks before I leave my home and family to promote Energy Efficiency Australia-wide.

Well, it’s getting close now! I head out of Melbourne on the 29th July towards Ballarat and won’t see my family again until nearly Xmas-time. It’s really beginning to dawn on me the enormity of this undertaking but it will be all worthwhile if it helps to save energy and bring this issue into focus for people.

I really think people are interested in ‘doing their bit’ to try to address Climate Change (just looking at the public reaction in Melbourne to the call to save water shows what is achievable if you get people engaged) and, if it also saves them money, then so much the better.

Over the past half century (my lifetime), most of our lives have been getting ever more removed from what could be called sustainable practices. A move to a disposable lifestyle has ensued where it is cheaper to replace an item than get it fixed and with ever more unnecessary packaging wrapping it all up. If something breaks, we replace it. Of course, this builds into itself a vicious cycle – if people don’t get things fixed, there is no incentive for manufacturers to make things that last and/or provide places where people can go to get them fixed – something that used to provide quality jobs for Australians. This leads to a drop in product quality – apparently, the majority of goods manufactured ends up being thrown away within 6 months! Does this sound familiar at all?

Part of the problem is that we are divorced from where all this “stuff” goes when we dispose of it. Just stop and think: when you throw something ‘away’ – where IS ‘away’?

This week’s talks – if you live nearby and are able to make one of these, it would be great to see you there.

Tuesday – Darebin City Council Chambers (enter via High St at the Preston Municipal site – Cnr Gower St and High St Preston) 7pm – 9pm

Wednesday – Maroondah City Council: Ringwood Offices in Braeside Ave 7pm – 9pm

Thursday – Whittlesea City Council: Lalor Library 2A May Rd Lalor RSVP Ph. (03) 9465 2533 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Friday – Shire of Yarra Ranges: Belgrave library – Reynolds Lane, Belgrave 7pm – 9pm

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