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Energy Efficiency

Why do it? What will it cost? How do I get involved? When will I realise a difference?

Why should we do it?
Energy efficiency is the “low hanging fruit” as far as reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is concerned. Many studies suggest that a 20-25% reduction in GHG emissions can be achieved by this means alone!
What will it cost?
It generally comes at little or no cost, with behaviour change being the major requirement. Energy efficiency is not a “free lunch” – it’s a lunch you get paid to eat!
How do I get involved? (this is NOT a definitive list) See here
Why pay someone to have a light on in a room that is empty? Switch it off.
Why pay someone for the privilege of having yet another clock display? If it has a clock display and no reason for it eg. microwave; turn it off until you need it.
When you next go to purchase an appliance, check the energy star ratings and go for the highest star rating you can. Even if you pay a little more, your energy savings will make up for the difference in a short period of time.
When will I realise a difference?
The environmental effect is immediate but you will notice when next you get your bill.

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Hi John, great stuff, keep up the good work. We agree and do most of the things already as we are very conscience of the climate and just waste in general. Happy cycling.
Duncan & clan.

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