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End of week 4

Yesterday, I went down to Taren Point to pick up some ‘hoardings’ for my trailer. (This I did after a radio appearance on BondiFM – thanks Serena & John.) The round trip clocked up 68km and took 3:19 on the bike – Sydney is a LOT hillier than Melbourne and almost NONE of the streets are straight – this created quite a challenge for this Melburnian cyclist!

I left Sydney this morning for Gosford, twice – I had to go back to Bondi from the city centre to pick up my trailer flag. I knew there had to be a reason I couldn’t find the bike path over the Harbour Bridge!!
On advice from the guys from Bike The Earth, I decided to go via Palm Beach and catch the ferry to Ettalong Beach – a much more picturesque trip. After going down and then up the Spit – big hill that! – I turned left and headed for the Wakehurst Parkway through Frenchs Forest to keep as much as possible off the ‘main drag’.
This turned out to be a great move – once I reached Warringah Rd, the road surface was excellent; the shoulder was reasonable and the downhill from there ended, not with another uphill, with a flat ride back to the highway through lovely countryside. It was then a bit of ‘up and down’ into Palm Beach. This is a beautiful part of the world!
The ferry trip was all of half an hour and then I was back on the bike for the final 20km into Gosford and my sister-in-law Noellene’s place. It’s good to be home – even if it’s someone else’s!
I travelled 93.4km today (including the geographical embarassment in Sydney central looking for the bridge bike path and the return to Bondi) in 4:36 ‘saddle time’ to give an average of 20.2km/h – I recorded a new best maximum of 67.6km/h going down the hill from Warringah Rd!

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Canberra-Breadalbane-Moss Vale-Wollongong-Sydney

I got an offer of accommodation ~30km outside Goulburn near Breadalbane – a bit of a detour but it’s the sister of an ex-CEO of the ATA, so how could I refuse! 😉 A wonderful family atmosphere which just reinforced how much I’m missing mine. They are a farming family (Maryanne, Frank & their children Annabelle, Matthew & Madeleine) and have been doing it tough these past few years with the drought. Fortunately, things look pretty good for this year so I hope things get better for them.

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Well, today was much better – and it would need to be! Before heading off I did a media spot on local ABC radio – all good.

Since I am now starting from Uranquinty not Wagga itself, I have an extra 17km to do today which will push today’s ride over the 100km mark. 🙁

It drizzled on me into Wagga from Uranquinty and, when I got there, I found a message on my phone to call WinTV in Wagga LAST night – oh well! Being the media tart I am I called anyway and they sent out a cameraman to take some more footage of me. I think this is all very weird (not being used to the attention and all) but, if it helps me get my message out there and more people to my events then it can’t be bad.

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2 under the belt

Well, I’ve presented in Ballarat and now Daylesford and my talks are actually starting to feel quite comfortable now. Some great questions from the audience in both locations and there has been some energetic to & fro that has stimulated me as well as the audience.

As I expected, this journey will be as much of an eye-opener for me as it will be for those I am trying to inspire. Hopefully, the stuff I learn along the way I can impart to others in my trek. There are people in both these locations who are an inspiration themselves. I will try to live up to their standards.


On my way

Well, after just over 5 months of intense planning, I’m on my way.

An emotional farewell to my family this morning – it’s hard to think that it will be almost 5 months before I see them again in person. The kids will have grown (as kids are wont to do – and in more than one way) and we will have chickens in the backyard!

It’s good to be on the bike and, in the words of Phil Liggett (Tour deFrance commentator – though I have no illusions about MY riding), having a ‘day at the office’ – it will be even better tomorrow when I have my first regional presentation in Ballarat. If you’re in the neighbourhood, pop in and find out how YOU can avoid wasting your money on unnecessary energy use.