The Manpollo Project by: John

This is where it really all started to make sense for me – thanks Greg, for opening my eyes wide. The Manpollo Project.

To get involved, join our forums and subscribe to Wonderingmind42’s youtube feed. Thanks for visiting. If you like this site, help spread the word:

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Moonee Ponds Rotary Talk by: John

The talk went well, if somewhat rushed – 30 minutes is not a lot of time but there were some good questions, so interest was there. Having to cram the information in sure focuses the mind!

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Moonee Ponds Rotary by: John

The breakfast talk with Rotary Moonee Ponds is tomorrow. I’m hoping to do some serious networking while there.

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Team Members – Any Volunteers? by: John

I’m looking for team members to help with logistics – if you have skills in media/marketing or event planning/management and could spare some time to help, please let me know.

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Business Cards by: John

I should have campaign business cards by the end of the week. My home brew cards were Ok but lacked that ‘finesse’. Thanks again to Essendon Web Solutions for the card layout & Impact Digital Printing.

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Plan Big! by: John

Check out to see where I’ve come from. Please support my plan there and share with your friends .

Ride-the-Talk | PlanBig

I succeed in getting 500,000 online signatures of people supporting action NOW from government to take things seriously, stop just talking the talk and start walking the walk.

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Logo Design by: John

This is the new logo that the guys at Essendon Web Solutions have created for me. Ride the Talk – my crazy journey to reduce energy use!


See if you can pick all the elements to this great design!

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Essendon Web Solutions by: John

As I said yesterday, I approached a local web design business yesterday, hoping for some feedback on a logo. Well, they offered to design me a logo! Then later, they said would I mind if they designed me a website! Would I mind? Are you kidding?

They are the fine folks at Essendon Web Solutions – they contacted me today to say they have a design to show me. I’m going in tomorrow morning. Awesome!

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