Handy hints #3 by: JK | Sat 16 Oct

It’s been a while since I posted any hints on energy efficiency, so here goes:

Lighting –

  • Use compact fluorescent lighting where possible right now – yes, I know CFLs have mercury but the mercury produced by burning coal to produce the extra energy to light incandescents outweighs this considerably; …and, yes, you CAN get CFLs that can be dimmed – you just have to look for them;
  • if the colour of CFLs puts you off, look for CFLs with a ‘colour temperature’ between 2500K-3200K or specified as ‘warm white’ – these approximate the colour of incandescents;
  • replace halogen downlights with LED replacements – these are becoming available now and, by doing the changeover, you can use a downmitt to restore a semblance of insulation to your ceiling where your downlights are;
  • use daylight wherever possible – after all, it’s free; 🙂
  • ….and, of course, if no-one is in a room, there is absolutely no need to have the light on, so TURN IT OFF!
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      2 responses to:
      Handy hints #3

    1. Bee Winfield says:

      Hi John, thanks for the wonderful information, I feel better now bout using mercury lightbulbs. Keep up your wonderful work!

    2. Rachel says:

      Good info John, thank you.

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