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Second course is over – time for some R&R

I’ve now finished the second week of training – it’s mighty powerful stuff I’m learning and I’m itching to put it into action but…….the best is yet to come! I haven’t even started on the full-blown platform skills yet. THAT is being kept over for the final course starting on the 10th of June. From there it is but a blink before my talks start. I can hardly wait to get going and start to make a change in people’s lives.

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Second course (of the 3 course banquet)

Back in London (or perhaps more accurately, out near Heathrow) – this course is at Twickenham Stadium – the home of English Rugby. There has been a 7s rugby match being played there the past 2 days so it has been quite interesting seeing the locals getting kitted up for a day out in the sun. Unlike soccer, everybody seems to be in high spirits and in the mood for a good time. Lots of amazing dress-ups (and I mean “dress” ups – what is it about British men and cross-dressing?).
The course continues where we left off last week, building on the skills gained there. There seems to be a bit of repetition but this is probably a good thing as it lays down the information more securely. I managed to get a searing headache today but eventually kicked it off, just in time to come home.
Again we have had long days – tonight we finished at 9:20pm – and it is 10:15 before we get back to the hotel. I’m sharing a room with an ex-pat kiwi who has come down from Scotland for the course.
I’m starting to map out the framework for my talks in my mind and the process is interesting to watch (I am able to dissociate myself from the process and this provides an intriguing perspective. If this is the second course and this is happening now, I can’t wait for the 3rd course which is the platform skills intensive.
I’m managing to keep in contact with the family via Skype which has been great for tempering my home-sickness. Even so, I am looking forward to getting back home and getting the show on the road.

London calling….

a VERY inspirational day today – I felt like I was being spoken to directly. Yet another sign that I am on the right path & doing what I need to do.
It’s past 11pm here after another jam-packed 12 hour day of self-discovery so it’s off to bed for me. Time to get my beauty sleep.
’til next time,

Day 1

…. is finally over – it started at 8am for registration and ended at 9:20pm. This is SOME immersive training – I just hope I can keep my head above water!
We’ve even got “home-play” to do – a chapter to read and a skill to memorise.
This is heady stuff but it feels right and will provide me with the skills to do what I need to do.
I’m off to do my study, get some shut-eye and get up to do it all again tomorrow.
Cheers for now,

My London odyssey

Just arrived in London and the poms apparently have a new government.
I start my trainings tomorrow morning London time and I’ll go exploring this afternoon to make sure I know where I’m going, before getting to bed early. I need to catch up on some zzz before tomorrow – I didn’t manage much shut-eye on the plane. 🙁
Cheers for now,

From the bookcase:

Uncertain Science, Uncertain World by geophysicist Dr. Henry Pollack, explains how everyone is born a scientist, with fierce curiosity, instinctive exploration and experimentation being the way children observe and understand the world around them. Then at school, “Science is presented as answers rather than questions,” and science becomes boring. If instead we were taught about discovering facts and deriving calculations we would realise how cool it is. Scientists don’t help themselves either with a general reluctance to engage in public communication and frequent mistakes by journalists lead to common misconceptions.

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